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Oświęcim on the Baltic

Spotkanie nad Bałtykiem

On the 24th of June, as part of the Tauron Life Festival, a conference entitled "The Community of Diversity, Cultural Heritage of the Baltic States" and the Painters-Performers Workshop entitled "Meeting on the Baltic" took place at the IYMC.

The three speakers discussed the difference, but also the similarities of influence of the Baltic coexistence on literature, music and design in the countries surrounding it: Dr hab. Magdalena Wasilewska-Chmura - literary scientist, assistant professor and head of the Department of Swedish Philology at Jagiellonian University in Cracow, translator of poetry; Aleksander Laskowski - employee of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw, specialist in classical music, radio collaborator of Dwójka, author of the book about Witold Lutosławski titled "Hidden volcano"; Maris Orav - communication and marketing manager at the Tallinn Design Center in Tallinn, the initiator and organizer of the biggest design market in the Baltics. The meeting was moderated by Christoph Heubner - a Germanist, historian, political scientist, writer, executive vice president of the International Auschwitz Committee, chairman of the Board of the Foundation for the International Youth Meeting Center, longtime collaborator of the Action Reconciliation Service for Peace, initiator of the construction of the IYMC.

The conference was accompanied by the painting and performance workshop for young people. During the daylong meeting, participants from three countries (Poland, Germany and Ukraine) met in the area of art. According to the intentions of the authors and leaders of the workshop , Krzysztof Wilde and Joanna Knapek (University of Silesia in Katowice, Faculty of Art in Cieszyn), the meeting was based on conversations about identity in different languages.

Sometimes it was a wordless conversation, because for the task the performers were given – to sketch each other on a piece of cardboard and then directly on the wall. Full of joy, freedom and color of the participant’s national flag the work adorned the IYMC wall, becoming a continuation of earlier mural created for values. The whole was complemented by projection of the multimedia recording from the workshop directly on the mural, which took place after the painting was completed.

In the opening of the mural took part speakers and listeners of the conference "Community of Diversity", as well as the delegation from Dachau together with the Mayor of the city and District Head of Dachau and Oświęcim. Guests of this specific vernissage also left a trace of their visit signing on the wall.


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