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6th International Biennial of Socio-Political Poster

Foundation for the International Youth Meeting Centre in Oświęcim – the organizer of The Sixth International Socio-Political Poster Biennial kindly invites to participation in the competition.

Similarly to previous years, the lead theme of the Sixth International Socio-Political Poster Biennial includes the issues relating to human rights in present-day world under the slogan of Creatively for Human Rights. Please download the regulations below for more details.

The International Socio-Political Poster Biennial is a project which has been carried out by the International Youth Meeting Centre (MDSM) in Oświęcim since 2006, constituting a forum of an artistic exchange of views on the essential problems of the present-day world. The idea was conceived by Mr. Paweł Warchoł, residing in Oświęcim, who has become the instrumental person in the performance of the project ever since. Mr. Warchoł is a graphic artist and drawer. He graduated from the Kraków Academy of Fine Arts. He won a number of prizes and citations at national and international competitions. Mr. Warchoł is the Curator of the Biennial.

Our regular international project taking place every other year invites posters on social and political issues, including human rights in particular. Each time, the Jury composed of e.g. professors of art colleges, graphic artists, and poster experts, selects about seventy entries to be qualified to the Competition Exhibition and the accompanying Catalogue. The best works are granted main and sponsored prizes, as well as citations.

With each edition, the project has become one of the most important MDSM events raising interest among many participants, excellent poster artists from the whole world, together with a large number of Exhibition viewers. Five previous Biennial editions attracted altogether 1,570 posters by about 400 artists from nearly 30 countries. The International Jury was chaired by the following: Prof. Roman Kalarus, Prof. Tadeusz Grabowski, Prof. Michał Kliś, Prof. Klaus Staeck, and Mr. Werner Schaub. The Competition Exhibitions were also displayed e.g. at the European Parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg, The Central Prisoner-of-War Museum in Łambinowice-Opole, The Centre of Patriotic and Civic Thought in Kielce, The Centre for Jewish Culture in Kraków, Bürgerhalle in Wolfsburg, The European Information Centre in Erfurt, the Nordrhein-Westfalen Landtag Office in Düsseldorf, and the Cieszyn Castle.

The following artists were the winners of the Main Prizes:

  • 2006 – Li Hai-Ping (China), “Victory”
  • 2008 – Vladimir Chaika (Russia), “Think Global. Act Local”
  • 2010 – Bangqian Zheng (China), “Confrontation & Reflexion”
  • 2012 – Lex Drewinski (Germany/Poland), “China”
  • 2014 – Sebastian Kubica (Poland), “Compromise”

In 2016, the International Youth Meeting Centre in Oświęcim will organize the Sixth International Socio-Political Poster Biennial. Posters referring to social and political matters are invited, in accordance with the Rules. Our International Jury will select the entries for the main prize, citations, and the Competition Exhibition. The Exhibition will be first displayed at the Centre and later at various venues in Poland and abroad.

We are convinced that a “voice from Oświęcim” is better heard and can effectively come through the current information noise to reach social awareness. We also believe that many urgent problems can be resolved owing to community reaction to threat. Artists are our natural supporters in that task. Their talent, sensitivity, and observation skills allow them to develop exceptional diagnosis of the surrounding reality. In that context, the poster seems to be the form of art which distinctly articulates the artist’s commentary and allows him or her to reach the widest possible groups of viewers.

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