Human Rights

Using posters in human rights education proves to be effective, for the visual presentation of a problem reaches deeper, provokes critical and creative approach to the issue under discussion and stays in the memory longer. The basis for the workshop is the International Biennale of Social-Political Poster, a project of the International Youth Meeting Centre. It comprises a contest of posters, created by authors from all over the world, and a following series of exhibitions of the works, which have passed the qualification round. The workshop consists of two parts: the introduction and the practical part. The introductory part lasts about 45 minutes, where the participants learn more about human rights in the historical and contemporary perspectives, the development of poster art and the Biennale itself. In the practical task the participants work with posters from different editions, analyzing the problem and the ways of its artistic representation, talking over the origins of the problem and the ways of solving it. The workshop apart from getting to know more about human rights and becoming sensibilized to the signs of their violation, enables the participants to open up on the multitude of social problems and to develop the skill of interpretation of modern social-political poster.

15 +
2-2,5 hours
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*Recommended after the visit at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial Site

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