Documentation of the polish-german-israeli photo workshop 2007-2008

The main goal of our seminars was to introduce the discrepancies between Oświęcim the town and Auschwitz the former camp.

Due to the professional preparation of the participants as well as their personal commitment works were created which show the honest and sincere reactions to specific places visited during the seminar. The different perspectives and approaches to photography, displayed by the participants, brought about diversity but also harmony as can be seen in the exhibition and in the catalogue. The works reveal a subtle, nuanced approach towards the subject; the viewe can sense optimism alongside mourning, resurrection alongside destruction, structure along chaos.

Concept and Text Editing: Joanna Dyduch
Concept and Art Editing: Łukasz Kuś
Graphic Design of the Cover: Paweł Adamus
Cooperation: Teresa Miłoń Czepiec, Leszek Szuster
Translation: Joanna Dyduch, Elżbieta Pasternak
Correction: Henrike Battenhausen, Richard Carter-White, Barbara Daczyńska, Michał Galiński, David Kennedy, Beata Kłos, Isabelle von Looz, Paul Löwe
Coordination: Leszek Szuster

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