The Christ from Auschwitz

Zofia Posmysz

Zofia Posmysz was born in Kraków on the 23rd of August 1923. When the war broke out she was a pupil at a school of commerce. The new circumstances forced her to interrupt her studies for a certain time. Soon she took up her studies again in an illegal underground school.

It was here among the participants of the illegal course that she came into contact with the underground press, distributed by her classmates. Probably as a result of the work of an informer, the whole group was arrested on the 15th of April 1942. Zofia Posmysz was deported to KL Auschwitz. During her imprisonment in the women’s section of the camp of Birkenau she meets the prisoner Tadeusz Paolone-Lisowski. She writes about this encounter in her novella “The Christ from Auschwitz”. Zofia Posmysz is also the author of several literary works such as “The Passenger” or “Holiday on the Adriatic”.

The publication „The Christ from Auschwitz“ was published as part of the 25th anniversary of the International Youth Meeting Centre in Oświęcim /Auschwitz and is a common project of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Poland and the IYMC.

English translation: John Fells
Graphic design, cover design and illustration: Paweł Adamus
Concept: Leszek Szuster, Joanna Klęczar
Editing and preparation for publication: Janusz Toczek, Joanna Klęczar, Bożena Grzywa
In cooperation with: Małgorzata Gwóźdź, Falk Altenberger, Jérôme Déodat
Proofreading: Henryk Zwolski, Małgorzata Gwóźdź, Janusz Toczek
Prawa autorskie: Zofia Posmysz

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